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Ventana Window.

Ventana Window.

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El verbo ventanar podría podría ser utilizado para desligarse del verbo ventanear.

... in Windows a window is a generic term covering a whole range of entities. In fact, almost any entity that is displayed is a window — for example, a dialog box is a window and each button is also a window. I will generally use terminology to refer to objects that describe what they are, buttons, dialogs, and so on, but you need to have tucked in the back of your mind that they are windows, too,...
   Ivor Horton. 2010. Beginning Visual C++ 2010
   Wiley Publishing Inc. Wrox programmer to programmer.
   Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

A company's value chain inevitably affects - and is affected by - numeous societal issues, such as natural resource and water use, health and safety, working conditions, and equal treatment in the workplace. Opportunities to create shared value arise because societal problems can create economic costs in the firm's value chain. Many so-called externalities actually inflict internal costs on the firm, even in the absence of regulation or resource taxes. Excess packaging of products and greenhause gases are not just costly to the environment but costly to the business. Wall-Mart, for example, was able to adress both issues by reducing its packaging and rerouting its trucks to cut 100 million miles from its delivery routes in 2009, saving $200 million even as it shipped more products. Innovation in disposing of plastic used in stores has saved millions in lower disposal costs to landfills.
1. Natural resource and water use.
2. Health and safety.
3. Working conditions.
4. Equal treatment in the workplace.
1. Energy use and logistics.
2. Resource use.
3. Procurement.
4. Distribution.
5. Employee productivity.
6. Location.
Creating shared value. Michael E. Porter y Mark R. Kramer.
Harvard Business Review. Enero-Febrero 2011.

Brot und Wasser stillen den Hunger jedes Menschen, aber unsere Kultur hat die Gastronomie erfunden. 
    > Honoré de Balzac

Fair-Play bedeutet, das Foul so versteckt zu machen, dass der Schiedsrichter es nicht sieht. 
    > Dieter Hildebrandt 

Das Glück kommt zu denen, die es erwarten. Nur müssen sie die Tür auch offen halten.
   > Thomas Mann 

Jedes Mal, wenn ein Mensch lacht, fügt er seinem Leben ein paar Tage hinzu.
     > Curzio Malaparte 

Ein kleiner Schritt für einen Menschen, ein gewaltiger Sprung für die Menschheit. 
   > Neil Alden Armstrong 

Das gefährlichste Organ am Menschen ist der Kopf. 
   > Alfred Döblin 

Der Besitz von Wissen hat den Besitz von Land ersetzt. Land hat Grenzen. Wissen hat Horizonte. 
   > Shimon Peres 

Hinter einer langen Ehe steht immer eine sehr kluge Frau. 
   > Ephraim Kishon 

En las sociedades humanas es más fuerte el impulso a someter que el impulso a educar. A veces las neuronas se unen con fuerza manteniendo ideas negativas, mientras que las uniones neuronales de las ideas positivas se mantienen débiles (llenos de telarañas). Es necesario entrenar al cerebro para que adquiera la habilidad de mantener equilibrada la fuerza de las uniones neuronales.

Se puede entrar en un ambiente desordenado para experimentar comportamientos que no son dables en un entorno estable. 

- Miguel Angel Orduña

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